Blush's Page


Blush was born in Torrance, CA, daughter of a Hooters cocktail waitress and lead singer of the struggling rock band, Apokalypze. Her claim to fame was Playboy's Hologram of the Year in 3012.

After winning a slew of bikini competitions in the South Bay, she was discovered by Playboy Cyberworks and moved in to the Playboy SkyMansion. Her hobbies include long holo-board glides on the beach, virtual suntanning and cyber-flirting.

Known for dating several men at a time, "I love, love, love guys!" she says. "I'm not really as stupid as people think I am. But guys like dumb girls. If you act dumb, guys are easier to manipulate. They're easier to train than puppies. And almost as cute," she giggles.

Much of Blush's income comes from men who love to give her money for no reason. She calls them her benefactors.

Self diagnosed with ADHD, she loves to continually experience new things, places, people. "I get bored easily," she claims. "I need a lot of stuff happening. And fun stuff is always happening. No point staying home and reading or something. Like that song on that commercial says "Girls just wanna have fun!"

Blush plans to have lots of fun on her adventures to other galaxies. "Most of my girlfriends won't go farther than 3 miles from the Sunset Strip," says Blush. "Me, I think it's like so totally awesome to go to other planets and Universes and stuff. I hope they have cool clubs there!"