Kytlin's Page


Kytlin, infamous daughter of movie-star heart-throb Bry Wilder and Swedish supermodel Calyndra, grew up in Malibu, CA, going to school and playing with kids of other celebrities. Her first claim to fame was hitting the red carpet at the age of thirteen with then boyfriend, teen pop star, Jess Riley.

Quickly becoming a tabloid fave, Kytlin went on to her own modeling career, best known as the spokesmodel for CG Jeans. After a short-lived attempt at an acting and singing career, Kytlin launched her famous line of invisible purses, using cloaking technology to hide women's bulky purses.

Notorious for her much used expression, "That's decadent!" she tried to trademark it, but to no avail. Kytlin loves to travel to new exotic places as long as she can stay in the Penthouse suite in a five-star hotel.

Kytlin says she loves breaking rules just for the sake of breaking rules and has gone to jail twice. Never apologetic for her actions, she mostly just does things on a whim because she feels like it. She likes to prove she's not a bimbo by claiming "I'm an Existentialist."

Slow to trust people, she is often considered cold. She's been there, done that, but deep inside feels empty. She hopes that some day a man will see her for inner self rather than her outer beauty.

Bored with L.A. guys, she finds the concept of dating E.T.s rather exciting. "Although they're not particularly attractive in the human sense," says Kytlin, she's willing to give them a try. "I think we can connect on a truly deeper, more meaningful level. Their eyes, they just pull you in... And they look at you directly in the eyes, not into your boobs. And that's decadent!"